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Tenant and residents groups and community activities

Local community groups and Tenant / Resident associations (TRA)

There are already many tenants and residents associations in Hounslow making a real difference to local communities.

A TRA is a voluntary group of people living in an area who come together to address issues of common concern. They act as a representative voice for that area and can often organise community events and activities.

There are many reasons why people living in an area may get together to form an association or group, for example, to:

  • campaign for something (such as play facilities, somewhere to meet as a community)
  • campaign against something (such as problems with traffic, antisocial behaviour)
  • gain a greater voice than you would have as an individual when talking to Hounslow Council and other bodies about things you would like to see changed
  • arrange outings and social events
  • gain or support a sense of 'community' by meeting and helping other people
  • keep people in the area informed of issues that affect them.
We encourage all TRA’s to have a formal constitution, terms of reference and code of conduct. These will help you to run things smoothly and are important if you want to raise money and open a bank account.

Community Activities

There are a range of community activities taking place where you live where you can be part of the community and make a difference:

  • Gardening groups
  • Life skills including DIY and First Aid
  • Community fun days
  • Community projects
  • Volunteer estate inspection programme

If you have an idea for your local area (for example starting a community project, improving your community space or having a fun day) our Community Engagement Officers can help with:

  •  Advice on how to get involved and started
  • Support with funding and bid writing
  • Training and using your skills 

For more information on how to get involved, what is happening in your area and what support and advice you can receive contact the Community Engagement Team email or phone 020 8583 2450





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