Dangerous animals licence

If you keep any animal listed as a dangerous wild animal you will need a licence.

Applying for a licence

Download and complete the application form here

The application must be made by the person who owns the animal.

When we receive your application and fee, an inspection will be carried out by a qualified veterinary inspector.

That will result in a report about the suitability of your application.

A licence will not be granted until we're satisfied you can meet the correct requirements.  

Licence fee

As well as the administration costs of the licence, you'll must pay for the veterinary inspection. 

Licence fees are charged annually and will expire on 31 December each year.

Any licence granted during the year will only remain valid for the remainder of it.

Contact us

Email contact the animal warden team here

Animal Warden Team
London Borough of Hounslow
Bridge Road Depot
Pears Road

Telephone 020 8583 5555


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