Council leaseholders service

We are committed in delivering a high-quality service to all of our customers.

We want to involve you at the heart of everything we do and ensure this is meaningful, helpful and engaging. We believe this will continually improve our service to you and have set ‘Service Standards’ that outline what you can expect from us.

Our objectives are:

  • The London Borough of Hounslow will adhere to all of its statutory responsibilities and comply with your lease in line with this legislation.
  • To ensure that you live in a clean, well-maintained area and are well informed about any planned repair or improvement works that may affect you.

Our standards are:

  • To provide you with any new information that is relevant to leaseholders that will affect you, as soon it becomes available to us
  • To respond to leaseholder enquiries made by phone within one working day, to those made by email within five working days and to written enquiries within 10 working days
  • We will offer you a suitable appointment to see someone from specialist housing team at Hounslow House upon your request if we feel this is helpful
  • We will offer you a suitable appointment at your home if you have a long-term illness or mobility issues
  • We can suggest organisations outside of the council where you can obtain help and advice if we are unable to respond to your enquiry
  • We will keep you regularly updated on all aspects of leasehold matters via our regular newsletter, Hounslow Matters, newsletters, the council's website and via local forums, leasehold forums and surgeries.
  • We will invite leaseholders to join any relevant resident scrutiny panels and tender evaluations where possible
  • We will publish a five-year plan of programmed works to our properties in the borough on the council's website
  • We will issue estimated annual service charges by March each year
  • We will issue actual service charge statements by the end of September following the close of that financial year
  • Upon request, we will provide a breakdown of day to day repairs costs that are included in your service charges along with any other relevant service charge costs in your statements
  • Provide a detailed statement of any transactions on your service charge account upon request
  • We will send you an invoice for major works estimated costs in April after we have completed consulting you.
  • All invoices will contain information on how to make payments for your service charges and include a copy of the summary of rights and obligations
  • We will offer you a range of repayment agreements for major works depending on your personal circumstances
  • We will offer you a meeting with staff to discuss repayment agreements on a one to one basis
  • We will consult you under the correct legislation for any maintenance or repairs if the cost exceeds £250 for the specification of works
  • We will consult you under the relevant legislation for any services, long term agreements or contracts that will run for longer than one year and where costs exceed £100 per year
  • We will respond to any comments or observations to consultations within 21 days of receiving them
  • We will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to inspect any supporting documents of consultations we undertake with you
  • We will not issue a separate invoice for any maintenance/repairs works that is less than £250, instead it will be added to your day to day repairs charges
  • Officers of London Borough of Hounslow and contractors will be courteous and polite whilst interacting with you

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