Leaseholders’ repair responsibilities

As a leaseholder repairs to your property are your responsibility and any communal or structural repairs’ responsibilities usually fall to the council.

In all cases please check your own individual lease for specific information about your individual liability for repairs.

However, for guidance and as a general rule, the following obligations will apply:

The leaseholder’s responsibility - inside the property:

  • entrance doors, including main door, balcony/garden doors, frames, fittings and locks - more information on high rise fire door upgrade programme
  • internal washers / mains water stop valve (to your fixtures/appliances)
  • burst or leaking pipes beyond the stop valve to the inside of your property
  • repair or renewal to an individual water tank
  • repair or renewal of baths, sinks, taps, basins or WCs
  • leaks from waste pipes, traps and fittings, including branches up to the soil stack
  • flooring, like floorboards and tiles (but not the joists)
  • staircases inside the property
  • decoration of the interior only of window frames and sills
  • window fastenings and glazing (but not window frames attached to the structure)
  • repairs to fitted cupboards
  • forced entry to property, doors and frames
  • electrics inside the property, including fuses, fuse board, fittings, bells and rewiring
  • individual heating systems inside your flat (not district heating)
  • decoration of your flat (internal)
  • internal ventilation equipment, like extractor fans
  • ceilings (but not joists or beams)
  • interior non-structural walls, including plasterwork
  • fencing of individual gardens, including gates as defined within the lease plan.

The council’s responsibilities:

  • washers/mains water stop valves to the block
  • burst or leaking pipes (up to the main stop valve in your property)
  • repair, maintenance or renewal of any communal water tank
  • clearing blockages and repairing leaks to the main soil stack (main drains)
  • clearing and repairing leaks to rain water pipes and gutters
  • flooring, like joists / wall plates, damp-proof membrane or concrete floor slab
  • exterior parts of the structure, like roof, walls, windows, foundations
  • communal staircases
  • window frames & casements
  • glazing of communal windows
  • communal electrics, such as rewiring, repair/ renewal fittings, door entry systems
  • communal heating systems (district heating)
  • communal decoration
  • communal ventilation and fire safety equipment
  • Communal footpaths, walkways, fencing and gates within the block boundary.



To report a communal repair contact the repairs’ call centre using one of the options below:

  • email
  • telephone: 020 8583 4000

Opening hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. For out-of-hours calls please call

020 8583 4000 and you will be redirected to the Council’s emergency team.

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