Feltham masterplan

What is it?

The Masterplan provides a structured framework for the physical development and transformation of Feltham for the next 15 years. The Feltham Masterplan is not a statutory document in its own right, but it forms part of the evidence base for the West of the Borough Plan (WOBP).

The Feltham Masterplan helps shape the policies in the WOBP, but aside from that is critical in guiding investment and improvement in the town centre. The Masterplan has been produced based on detailed testing of development, land use and infrastructure mix through a rigorous urban design approach.

Why has it been produced?

The London Borough of Hounslow’s Corporate Plan 2014-19 contains a commitment to develop a Masterplan for Feltham town centre. The Council published the Feltham Vision and Concept Masterplan in June 2015 after consultation with the public. Since then, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in January 2016 announced a programme for release of sites including the Feltham site on Elmwood Avenue. In March 2016, the Council was successful in having much of the town centre including the MOD site designated as a Housing Zone by the Mayor of London which would unlock significant funding and resources to deliver new housing, infrastructure and improvements for the town centre.

A revised masterplan (Feltham Masterplan 2017) has therefore been produced to take account of the Housing Zone status, the regeneration initiatives to date, the MOD land release and the Made in Feltham Study. The Masterplan was approved by the Council on 19 September 2017.

The revised Masterplan also takes account of the improvements of the landscape, public realm and sports and physical activity facilities at Feltham Park, Blenheim Park, Glebelands, Poets Corner, Feltham Arena and Feltham Green as proposed by the Council’s Feltham Parks Masterplan.

Public Consultation

A six-week public consultation took place between 20 January 2017 and 3 March 2017.

Consultation details were listed on the Council’s consultation website. An on-line questionnaire was available to enable respondents to comment on the individual sections. A direct email to invite comments was sent to planning statutory consultees, all residents associations, major land owners, developers, local businesses, community groups, business organisations, councillors, neighbouring councils and registered providers. Prior to the commencement of public consultation, the Council held stakeholder engagement events in November 2016 and January 2017 respectively.

There was also a public exhibition of the draft Feltham Masterplan in Feltham Library during the consultation period. The detailed comments, proposed responses and changes are set out in the Consultation Report.

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