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We are committed to open government and want to encourage you to have your say on the decisions that affect you, your family and community as a whole.

We recognises that it is important to provide as much information about these decisions as possible. The government has guided local authorities to this through a forward plan.

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What is the forward plan?

The Forward Plan is a document that sets out information about ‘key decisions’ that the council will make at the next cabinet meeting – a clear 28 days in advance of the decision. By law, councils must publish these in a monthly Forward Plan.  This also provides the public with the opportunity to have their say on these decisions before they are taken

What is a key decision?

The government has asked councils to define which financial decisions are significant and, therefore key. Our definition of a key decision is:

  • spending or savings of £250,000 or more that is not in the council’s budget

  • one likely to have a significant impact on the community

What is included in the forward plan?

The plan includes as much of the following information as is available when it is published:

Column Details
1 reference number of the report
2 title or subject matter of the report
3 officer and lead cabinet member contact details
4 what the decision making body/individual are being asked to decide
5 which documents will be made available to the decision maker
6 bodies which are being or have been consulted
7 reference number which exempt information will fall under
8 which body or individual are making the decision and the estimated date when the decision will be taken

The Forward Plan lists the other decision making bodies key decisions to be taken by the Cabinet (or by Cabinet Members using powers delegated to them by the Cabinet).  It has also been decided that the Forward Plan will include other decisions to be taken by the council (although standard agenda items such as petitions, motions, council questions, appointments to committees, etc. will not be listed.)

Have your say

If you would like to comment on any decision included in the forward plan please contact us to ensure your comments are considered by those taking the decision.

You can also obtain a copy of the forward plan by contacting:

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