European Parliamentary Elections

Important information for EU citizens

We will be posting a European Parliament voter registration form to all European Union citizens from the countries listed below who are currently registered to vote in the borough. 

If you want to vote in this country in the European Parliament elections, you must complete and return the form in the reply envelope provided or as an attachment in an email to  by Tuesday 7 May. 

Austria France The Netherlands
Belgium Germany Poland
Bulgaria Greece Portugal
Croatia Hungary Romania
Czech Republic Italy Slovakia
Denmark Latvia Slovenia
Estonia Lithuania Spain
Finland Luxembourg Sweden

If we do not receive your completed form by 7 May, you will not be able to vote in the election in this country and your only option will be to vote for candidates standing in your home country.  Please click here to visit the European Parliament website for information on how to vote in your home country in the elections.

If you have not received the form, please click here to download the form or email to request for a form to be posted to you.

Please note that if you are a citizen of Republic of Ireland, Malta or Cyprus and registered to vote in the borough, you do not need to complete a European Voter registration form to be eligible to vote in the elections in this country.

If you have any questions regarding the form or voting in the European Parliament elections in this country, please email or phone 020 8583 2828.



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