What our staff say

We work extremely hard to support the emotional wellbeing of our staff. In 1 2017 health check report, our staff highlighted the supportive and friendly teams, the positive and respectful working environment and the support given to them by colleagues and managers.

Innovative casework management, flexible working and the working from home initiative WorkSmart has transformed the way our work is delivered and how work-life balance is achieved. 

Staff comments

“I’ve worked in Hounslow Children’s Services for nearly five years and although the job at times can be challenging, I’ve always felt well supported by colleagues and managers alike. Reflection, analysis and a focus on the child’s needs are encouraged and I’ve always felt able to express my views in relation to all three. Professional development is championed in our team and I’ve been able to explore specific areas of interest such as teaching and HSB/ CSA as well being able to support other practitioners as well as my own cases.”

Sabrina Napthine
Advanced Social Work Practitioner

“I have been working in the Through Care Team/Looked After Children’s Team in Hounslow for four years, and during this time I have been encouraged and supported by my managers to progress within my social work career. I am now an Advanced Social Work Practitioner specialising in working with young people with special educational needs who are transitioning to adulthood which appears to be a real need within the service, and something which I am very interested in. My colleagues at Hounslow are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to approach. Hounslow is an authority that actively promotes learning and development as well. I enjoy being able to WorkSmart, particularly as we are provided with the necessary facilities in order to be able to do this effectively. I have the freedom to manage my own diary which allows me the flexibility to draw up a good balance between work and home life.”

Elizabeth Edwards 
Advanced Social Work Practitioner

‘Without Hounslow’s support, I would have not been able to complete my social work degree and be in practice now.  I feel valued that Hounslow made that commitment to me to better my future and social work career.’

Nikki Gay
Senior Practitioner

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