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Proposed New School for September 2024 – Reach Academy Hanworth Park

The Reach Academy Trust is planning to open a new school in September 2024 called Reach Academy Hanworth Park. This is a different school to Reach Academy Feltham and will be on a different site.

Information can be found here

How to apply for a place in year 7 at Reach Academy Hanworth Park starting in September 2024.  

You can only apply to Reach Academy Hanworth Park for children starting in Year 7 in September 2024.

Children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, currently in Year 6, will transfer to Year 7 in a secondary school in September 2024.

You must follow the 2-step process below to apply for Reach Academy Hanworth Park.

  1. Complete the Reach Academy Hanworth Park form here to register your application 


  1. Complete your home Local Authority's Common Application Form listing 6 additional schools in order of preference (Reach Academy Hanworth Park will not be an available option on this form)

For Hounslow residents, please see the ‘When can I apply for a Secondary School Transfer’ page

You must complete both forms to ensure your child has a school for September 2024.


It is extremely important that both of your applications are made by 31 October 2023.  Applications received after the closing date will not be considered until after all the on-time applicants have been offered a place on 1 March 2024.


Your applications will be considered according to the admission criteria of the schools you apply for.

  1. Reach Academy Hanworth Park will send you correspondence on 1 March 2024 (if you applied on time) telling you whether or not your application has been successful and what the next steps are. 


2.    Your home Local Authority will send you correspondence on 1 March 2024 (if you applied on time)with the outcome of your application and what the next steps are. 

THIS MEANS THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE AN OFFER OF TWO SCHOOL PLACES. You will need to accept one and reject the other so that all local schools, and you, can plan effectively for September 2024.  

THE REASON FOR THIS is to safeguard against any potential delays to the opening of Reach Academy Hanworth Park and ensure that your child is not left without a school place. 

If you have any questions about Reach Academy Hanworth Park, please email

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