Council Tax Support Scheme

Following consultation in October to December 2021, the council agreed to amend the Local Council Tax Support Scheme for working age residents only, to an income- banded scheme. We have made these changes to make the scheme fairer for our residents and to avoid the need to contact the Council every time they have a change in income. 

Please note: these changes do not apply if you are in receipt of Council Tax support and are of pensionable age 

CTS provides low-income households, both in and out of work, with help to pay their council tax. The term 'household' means the people who are responsible for paying the Council Tax bill. This could be a single person or a couple. The person registered as responsible for the council tax can make a claim for CTS. This maybe any owner, occupier or tenant aged 18 or over.

What has changed for Working age residents? 

From April 2022, we will only use a resident’s earned income to calculate the eligible monthly income.  We are moving to a Banding scheme

How will the proposed Banding Scheme work?  

The Bands match up with the amount a household earns, and this is how we will determine how much Council Tax Support they should receive.  

We will ONLY take into account a household’s earned incomeWe will NOT take into consideration any Child Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, or other benefits the household might be in receipt of.  In the banding scheme we will only look at the household’s earned income.  WE WILL NOT COUNT ANY OTHER BENEFITS AS EARNED INCOME WHEN WE DO THE CALCULATION

The proposed bands will be clearly matched to income ranges so that residents will know from their earnings which banding they fall in and how much council tax support they will receive.  Each band has a threshold, avoiding the need for a household’s entitlement to change due to every small increase in earned income. 

Income Band (Monthly up to) Monthly Contribution
£250 £0
£500 £40
£1,000 £80
£1,500 £125
£2,000 £175


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