Planning fees and charges

Payment of fees

  • Fees must be paid when the application is deposited/submitted.
  • An application cannot be registered until the correct fee has been paid
  • The council has NO discretion to vary fees
  • There is no VAT on planning fees
  • Payment can be made by all major debit cards and credit cards (except American Express or Diners cards) when submitting an application online.


Fees can only be refunded if:

  • Permission or consent is not required and the local planning authority decline to determine the application

No refund can be made where an application is withdrawn.


You can resubmit a planning application without paying another fee, if all of the following criteria are met:

  • You resubmit within 12 months of the decision (or within 12 months of submitting an application that is subsequently withdrawn)
  • The applicant is the same as that for the previous application
  • The address (or site location) is the same as that for the previous application
  • The description of the resubmission is similar to that of the previous application.

Standard planning fee prices

Other planning fees and charges

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