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Listed buildings

A listed building is  a designated heritage asset which is recognized for its architectural or historical significance and is considered to be of national importance. Listed buildings do not have to necessarily be buildings, these can be various forms of heritage assets from skate parks to country houses. The list is run by Historic England and the list is compiled by the Department for Culture Media and Sport. 

Unlike conservations areas, the council is not responsible for designating listed buildings.

Listing grades

There are three grades of listed building, based on their importance.

Grade I: structures of exceptional interest, 2.5% of listed buildings
Grade II*: structures of particular importance, 5.8% of listed buildings
Grade II: structures of special interest, 92% of listed buildings

Find out if your building is listed

Historic England is responsible for operating the National Heritage List for England.

Alterations to listed buildings

Any changes which effect the ‘special character’ of a listed building will need formal listed building consent. These works can include demolition, alteration or extensions to the listed building and also include works to the building’s interior and exterior. Listed building consent may also be needed for works to the boundaries or associated structures.

It is a criminal offence to carry out works to a listed to a listed building without consent.

Apply for listed building consent

Listed building consent can be applied for via the planning portal. If you are unsure if works may or may not require listed building consent please email the conservation team

If you have questions about the process of applying for listed building consent please email the development management team

How to get a building listed

Anyone can make an application to list a building, structure or other heritage asset. This would be done through Historic England and more information can be found on their website.

Contact us

If you have any questions about listed buildings within Hounslow please email the council’s conservation team or call 020 8583 4941.

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