Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy - reporting

Community Infrastructure Levy Income and expenditure

When we receive money raised from Hounslow Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) we allocate:

  • 5% for set up and admin costs of CIL
  • 15% neighbourhood proportion to spend on local schemes
  • 80% on strategic infrastructure

Local neighbourhood funds

The council is required to allocate 15 per cent of CIL funds to projects where the income was generated.

Currently, the local proportion of CIL is administered by the Community Partnerships Unit as part of the Thriving Communities Fund. You can find more information here.

Annual CIL Rate Summary

The Annual CIL Rate Summary sets out the CIL rates (adjusted for inflation) that planning permissions granted from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 will be liable to pay.

View CIL Rate Summary report

Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) regulations require all local planning authorities that issue a CIL Liability Notice or enter into Section 106 planning obligations during a reporting year to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) at least annually. The infrastructure funding statement should, as a minimum, include the information set out in Schedule 2 to the Community Infrastructure Levy regulations 2010 (as inserted by the 2019 regulations).

Hounslow’s IFS presents information about CIL, s106 (including s278) and Carbon Offset Funds - developer contributions. The report illustrates where developer contributions originate, where they were spent and what related benefits were received in borough.

The 2019/20 IFS can be found here.

The 2020/21 IFS can be found here.

DLUHC Developer contributions data

In addition to the Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS), the Department of Levelling up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) recommends local authorities publish the raw data that informed the IFS.

In accordance to the guidance on publishing the developer contributions data, the council has prepared three sets of data:

Further information on how to use the data can be found on the DLUHC website here.

Archive DLUHC Developer contributions data

Historic sets of developer contributions data are also available to view:

Archive CIL and S106 reports

The council is required to monitor and report on Developer Contributions revenues and expenditure annually. The separate CIL and S106 monitoring reports are now superseded by the Annual Infrastructure Statements.

The historical CIL income reports can be found here

The historical annual reports for CIL can be found here

The historical annual reports for S106 can be found here

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