Community right to challenge

The Community Right to Challenge gives voluntary and community groups, parish councils and local authority employees the right to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ in taking over and running a local authority service.

The council must consider and respond to the Expression of Interest. If the council accepts it, we must run a procurement exercise under normal procurement rules.

Who can make an Expression of Interest?

Only certain types of organisations or groups can submit an Expression of Interest. These are referred to as relevant bodies. The Localism Act lists the following as relevant bodies:  

  • A voluntary or community body

  • A body of persons or a trust which is established for charitable purposes only

  • A parish council

  • Two or more employees of the relevant authority

  • Any other person or body specified by the Secretary of State by regulations

A voluntary body is defined here as a body that is not a public or local authority, the activities of which are not carried on for profit. It can generate a surplus provided it is used for the purposes of its activities or invested in the community.  

A community body is a body which is not a public or local authority, the activities of which are primarily for the benefit of the community.

When can I submit an Expression of Interest?

We will accept expressions of interest within certain timeframes. The timeframe is dependent on the contractual arrangements for that service. These are set out as follows:

  • For all services currently contracted to third parties, towards the end of the current contract, as set out in the relevant procurement timetable

  • For all services covered by our procurement plan, in line with the timetable for procurement indicated in the plan

  • For services currently under consideration for joint working or other forms of partnership with external organisations, at such a time as is consistent with any procurement process resulting from such agreement or, if no agreement is reached, at the next open opportunity after the consideration of joint working is concluded

For services not captured above, we have currently not set specific timeframes for the submission of expressions of interest.

Details of our current contracts and annual procurement plan can be found on our procurement web pages.

How to submit an Expression of Interest

We have produced a form to help you submit your Expression of Interest. You can download the form here. Completed forms along with any further enquiries relating to the submission of Expressions of Interest should be sent to our procurement team:

Corporate Procurement Unit
Hounslow Council
Hounslow House
7 Bath Road
​​​​TW3 3EB

E-mail: procurement@hounslow.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8583 2000

Evaluation of Expressions of Interest

We will evaluate Expressions of Interest in accordance with the statutory guidance. In doing so, we will take account of whether the acceptance of an Expression of Interest would promote or improve the social, economic or environmental well-being of the London Borough of Hounslow.

How long will it take to evaluate an Expression of Interest?

We will advise relevant bodies submitting Expressions of Interest of the maximum period it will take to make a decision on their bid either within 30 days after the close of any period specified for the submitting of Expressions of Interest or, if no such period has been specified within 30 days of receipt of the Expression of Interest.

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