Household recycling collections

Food waste recycling

Your food waste bin is collected weekly on your normal collection day

What can be put in your food bin:

  • plate scrapings
  • meat bones
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • bread
  • fish bone
  • shredded paper

How to line your food waste bin

Use kitchen towel, newspapers, shredded paper or compostable bags to line your bin to prevent mess. You can buy compostable bags or paper bin liners from most local supermarkets.

Please do not use any plastic bags in your food waste containers.

What happens to the food waste collected?

Your food waste is sent to an anaerobic digester, where it is broken down to produce biogas and biofertiliser.
Biogas is used to create renewable energy for example electricity and heat.

Biofertiliser is used twice a year on farmland in place of fossil fuel fertilisers.
Visit the Biogen website for more information.

Order a new or additional food waste bin


The easiest and most environmentally friendly way to recycle your food waste is to compost it. There are many food waste composting bins available to buy which can turn your kitchen waste into reusable rich compost for your garden.

You can find tips on food reduction and how to use leftovers on the Love Food, Hate Waste website