Hounslow Council

Car parks and parking

We operate a number of pay and display car parks in each of the main town centre areas within the borough.

Car parks are enforced by parking attendants (known as civil enforcement officers) who will:

  • Check the Ringo database to see if parking time has been paid for via a mobile phone

  • Check vehicle windows to ensure that pay and display tickets or disabled badges are correctly displayed

  • Check that vehicles are parked correctly within the bay markings

  • Issue penalty charge notices where vehicles are parked illegally

Hounslow car parks

  • Alexandra Road/Holloway Street

  • Bath Road

  • Bath Road (Hounslow West)

  • Bell Road

  • Civic Centre

  • Kingsley Road (Hounslow East)

  • Montague Road East

  • Montague Road West

  • Prince Regent Road South

  • School Road

  • Sunrize Plaza car park

Feltham car parks

  • Bethany Waye (Bedfont)

  • Bridge House

  • New Road

  • Sydney Road

Brentford car parks

  • Windmill Road

  • Albany Parade

  • Fountain Centre Leisure Centre

  • Brentford High street

Isleworth car parks

  • Wisdom Court

Chiswick car parks

  • Chiswick Common Road

  • Chiswick Town hall

  • Welstead Way (off Bath Road)

Stop and Shop – free parking

The following locations offer free parking for up to 30 minutes when you display a free ticket, available from nearby pay and display machines:


  • High Street

  • Market Place

  • Lion Way

  • Catherine wheel Road

  • Brent Way

  • Brentford High Street car park

  • Albany Parade car park


  • Turnham Green Terrace

  • Devonshire Road    (from junction with Chiswick High Road to junction with Ingress Street)


  • Bethany Waye car park   (Bedfont Lane)

Grove Park (Shoppers Scheme)

  • Burlington Lane

  • Park Road   (junction with Burlington Lane)

  • Grove Park Road


  • Kingsley Road

Hounslow West

  • 340 – 380 Bath Road   (the service road outside the parade of shops)

  • Vicarage Farm Road    (north of the A4 including junction with Cranford Lane)


  • London Road

  • South Street

  • Twickenham Road

  • Wisdom Court car park (South Street)


  • Thornbury Road (north of the A4)

Spring Grove

Spring Grove Road   (between London Road and junction with The Grove)