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Mogden sewage works

The smell produced by Mogden sewage treatment works is something that has affected many local residents over the years; sometimes so badly that windows have to remain closed and summer BBQs abandoned.

In July 2001, after numerous complaints from local residents, we took the first steps to tackle this problem and served an odour abatement notice on Thames Water.

It was only seven years later, and after a long legal challenge, that Thames Water finally agreed to comply. Despite this action, it was clear that the problem hadn’t been solved.

In 2008, we received an application to extend the site so that the government’s new urban waste water treatment directive could be complied with.

Planning permission was granted on the condition that the Mogden works would comply with strict conditions aimed at reducing the smells and keeping residents informed.

Report a complaint or issue

If you are a resident experiencing problems with the smell, contact us on 020 8583 2000. If you call the out of hours service you will receive a response within one hour.

If the odour is ongoing we will visit the site to make an assessment.

Updates are also available by calling the Mogden Information line on 020 8583 5745.

For general enquires you can also email mogden@hounslow.gov.uk - you should receive a reply or further advice within 10 working days.

Committee reports

Development of a new waste treatment scheme was discussed at the Sustainable Development Committee on 2 June 2008.

Minutes of Sustainable Development Committee 2 June 09 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 172kb)

Appendix A - Sustainable Development Committee report - 8 Dec 08 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 251kb)

Appendix B - Sustainable Development Committee report - 4 Mar 09 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 130kb)

Appendix C - Minutes of Sustainable Development Committee - 4 Mar 09 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 138kb)

Site inspections

We carry out weekly odour surveys of the site:

21 January 2016 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 358kb)

14 January 2016 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 416kb)

Previous months reports are available on our archive of odour reports page or from the Thames Water website.

Odour Management Plan

Odour Management Plan December 2010 (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 1691kb)

Further information about Mogden Sewage Works is available on the Thames Water website.

Mogden Odour Research Study

Mogden Waste Water Treatment Works public meeting (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 7788kb)

Mogden Odour Study - Final Report November 2010

An odour study was carried out by Entec as part of a planning obligation (Section 106) for the current extension work at Mogden. The results were presented at a public meeting on 3 November 2010 and the final report is available to download from the Thames Water website.

Contact us

E-mail: pollution@hounslow.gov.uk or mogden@hounslow.gov.uk

Telephone: 020 8583 2000

Pollution Control Team
London Borough of Hounslow
Civic Centre
Lampton Road

Emails sent to mogden@hounslow.gov.uk will also be forwarded to Thames Water, DEFRA and Ofwat.