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Hounslow libraries are free to join and offer a wide range of services.

For more information on libraries in Hounslow visit the Hounslow libraries website.

There is plenty to do in Hounslow libraries. You can use them for study, join a homework club, browse the internet, listen to stories and attend local cultural events.

In this section, you can find summary information on:

  • Ordering and reserving items

  • Free internet access

  • Children's libraries

  • Library archives and restricted books

  • Joining your local library

  • Libraries in Hounslow

Ordering and reserving items

If you are a library member, you can order and reserve an item in advance. You also have the facility of renewing or extending your loan. If you are late bringing your items back, you will be liable for late fines.

You can check the catalogue of available books and their locations on the online library catalogue.

Free internet access

As part of the People's Network initiative, all libraries have internet PCs giving free access to the internet, office software and email.

Library archives and restricted books

The archives holds reserved and restricted books that are not available on open shelves. The collection comprises of older and fragile items that are of local interest such as classic literary works, rare books, architectural drawings and town planning records.

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Hounslow Libraries website

Tel: 0845 456 2796

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