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Want to improve your digital skillset?

Maybe you are a tablet or smartphone user and want to know more about computers. Perhaps you want to get yourself an email address or learn how to search online job searching confidently?

Whatever you want to work on, Hounslow Libraries can help you!

Learn my way - free courses website

Learn My Way has free courses for you to learn digital skills to stay safe and connected, registered with the Good Things Foundation.

It can help you to gain confidence in the digital world using the free courses available on the website. From getting to grips with the machines themselves, getting online, creating documents, socialising, and even internet banking, Learn My Way is here to show you how.

Ask the staff in the local library branch how you can get started.

For the complete beginner, there are courses introducing the “hardware” (the physical computers, tablets etc) and the basics of how to use them. Learners can explore using the internet – and doing it safely – and build skills such as creating documents, socialising online or even using secure services such as internet banking.

Image showing users the button to press when starting your Learn my Way courses.

With easy-to-read sections and clear navigation buttons, as shown above, Learn My Way is designed to be as accessible as possible to all skill levels and needs. 

Courses can be taken in any order and many do not need registration, although registered learners can track their progress and get a certificate when they have completed their course! Audio options also available on many courses.

If you are supporting someone else on their digital journey, Learn My Way has resources to enable you to download and print, if you prefer.

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