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Elections and Voting

Annual Canvass – updating your household information

Letters were sent to every home in the Borough on Monday 5th September asking residents to confirm the details of eligible voters in the household. Every household has a legal responsibility to respond or else they could face a fine of £1,000. You must respond even if there is no-one eligible to vote living in the property or even if the property is empty. If no-one lives in the property, the person who is in charge of the property, such as a landlord, should respond to the form.

If you want more information about the Household Enquiry Form please download our frequently asked questions (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 285kb)

Prize Draw to win £1,000 if you respond online by midnight on Thursday 15th September

Hounslow Council is offering residents of the borough a £1,000 cash prize for providing details of eligible voters in the household online at the first time it seeks the information. The innovative initiative has been launched to help ensure the most complete and accurate register of electors is compiled without the need for repeat mailing seeking information and visits to homes by elections staff. If you respond to the Household Enquiry Form online by midnight on Thursday 15th September you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win £1,000. Download the terms and conditions (Adobe PDF icon PDF Help, size 198kb)

Repeat mailings and house visits

By law, Electoral Services have to send reminder mailings to anyone who doesn’t respond to the form. Initial forms are being posted on Monday 5th September. If a household doesn’t respond by Thursday 15th September they will be sent a reminder on Monday 26th September. Any household that still hasn’t responded by Thursday 6th October will be sent a 2nd and final reminder on Monday 17th October. If a household still hasn’t responded by mid-October, council employees will visit homes between 25th October and 20th November to collect the information.

Emails from Electoral Services

Throughout the canvass period we will be sending emails to new residents encouraging them to register. If you have received an email, please respond to it as soon as possible. It is quick and easy to register to vote. Visit the GOV website. You will need your National Insurance Number to complete your registration. For more information about registering to vote visit our registering to vote page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about how to respond to the Household Enquiry Form or about any other correspondence you have received from us, please check our frequently asked questions before contacting us.

Contact us

If you still need to contact us you can email us at elections@hounslow.gov.uk or phone us on 020 8583 2828 (working hours only).