Building Control Property Search Request

Property Searches

Customers typically need to know if their property has had some piece of controlled work signed off by Building control.  Additionally people may need to know if an Approved Inspector submitted an Initial/ Amendment Notice, Plans or Final Certificate for some work.

The Property Search charge depends on whether you are searching a dwelling house or a flat in a small or large development or a commercial property. Large residential developments (or commercial properties) can take a considerable time to research hence the increased cost.   

Certificates and Notices that we may hold include Rejection Notice(s), Notice(s) of Passing of Plans, Conditional Approval(s), Completion Certificate(s), Regularisation Certificate(s), Dangerous Structures or Demolition Notices.  We can also reproduce copies of Initial/ Amendment Notices, Plans and Final certificates from Approved Inspectors but you should only ask for these if you are unable to obtain them from the Approved Inspector(s) directly for detailed questions relating to Initial Notice case files, you should contact the Approved Inspector.    


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