Leaseholder subletting form & checklist

If you are subletting your property, please complete the online form. You will need to upload copies of the current tenancy agreement and gas safety Certificate. You will also need to provide an alternative correspondence address or details of a managing agent and your emergency contact details within the UK, in case we need to contact you urgently about the property.


The administration fee payable is £30.00, and online payment will be taken from you when you complete the form.


Terms & Conditions

Under the terms of the lease, once you have completed your purchase you can sub-let your property. You must, however, meet the following criteria if

you are to satisfy the terms of the lease and the landlord’s buildings insurance policy:


  1. There must be a formal, Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement with a term of not less than 6 months (but less than 21 years) between the owner and the tenant. The agreement must conform to all the appropriate legislation. If there is no agreement or the agreement is not in the appropriate form, your buildings insurance premium will be increased by 30%.
  2. A copy of the current signed tenancy agreement must be supplied to the London Borough of Hounslow (Leasehold Services) and further copies supplied each time the agreement is renewed.
  3. As a Landlord, if your property has a gas supply you must have in place a current gas safety certificate, this needs to be completed every 12 months. Please supply your current gas safety certificate.
  4. Money (a deposit) must be held against loss or damage.
  5. The owner or a bona-fide agent must manage the property. Your forwarding address and daytime telephone number(s) must be provided in all cases. If you are using a managing agent to administer the tenancy, we require their name, address and telephone number. If you are managing the property yourself from abroad, an alternative address in The United Kingdom must be provided for the serving of notices, the issue of leasehold accounts, etc., and for contact in the case of an emergency. Leasehold correspondence will not be sent to an overseas address. You must keep us informed always of any change to your contact details.
  6. You may not let the property for multiple occupancies. The fourth schedule of the lease states that the property is not to be used for any purpose other than as a private self-contained residential flat in a single occupation.
  7. You must inform the Landlord in advance if the property is to be left empty for any period. The terms of your buildings insurance policy state that the property must be ‘permanently lived in. After the property, has been left empty for 30 days you will lose all cover for malicious damage, theft, or attempted theft and escape of water. This can be extended, under exceptional circumstances, for up to a further 30 days for long holidays.
  8. Under the terms of the lease, you remain responsible for the payment of ground rent, building insurance, service charges, and major works.
  9. Building insurance must be current always.

Privacy Statement 

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