Leading Hounslow through recovery

Hounslow Council will continue to lead the borough, alongside local public sector partners, community groups, businesses and a small army of volunteers, through the difficult times of coronavirus.

However, the borough is now facing major social and economic impacts. We are expected to be one of the hardest hit London boroughs, with a possible £1 billion loss to our local economy and more than 40,000 jobs at risk from the downturn at Heathrow alone.

These pages detail the latest data on economic and social impact, explain how the Council and its partners are supporting the borough’s communities, and will signpost you to services and opportunities available to businesses and residents.

View Hounslow Council Borough Plan for Recovery

One Hounslow, Forward Together - video

On Monday 14 September 2020, we gathered for a borough conference bringing together and recognising community groups, businesses, faith leaders, public sector partners and residents who have played a role in the borough's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The conference began with acknowledging and thanking the residents, community organisations, businesses, and public sector partners who have contributed to the borough’s response. A video (see below) was played to delegates which told some of the story, and the conference heard from individuals who had been involved.

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