People in Hounslow urged to check they’re election ready, before it’s too late

Hounslow residents wanting to vote in the general election on 4 July, must register to vote before the deadline at midnight, Tuesday 18 June.

Published: Tuesday, 11th June 2024

Man leaning against wall with 'I'm registered to vote' written on the wall.

Voters can register to vote online, it only takes five minutes. Registered electors who are British, Irish, or qualifying Commonwealth citizens and are 18 years old or older on polling day are able to participate on 4 July. 

People who are unable to vote in person for any reason on 4 July, can apply for a postal vote. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm, Wednesday 19 June.  

For the first time at a UK general election, voters will need to show photo ID at a polling station. Voters can check the Electoral Commission website to see if they have an accepted form of photo ID

People who do not have one of the accepted types of ID, can apply for free ID, called a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC). The deadline for VAC applications is 5pm, Wednesday 26 June.  

Kully Tumber, Head of Electoral Services at Hounslow Council, said: 

“Don’t lose your chance to have your say at the general election. If you’re in doubt about whether you need to register to vote, or have questions about how to apply for a postal vote, or free ID, you can contact us by email at” 

Craig Westwood, Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission, said:  

“It is important that people check they’re election ready ahead of upcoming deadlines. All voters must be registered, and some may need to apply for a postal vote or free ID. Registering to vote is quick and easy and can be done online.  

“Voters will need to show photo ID at polling stations for this general election. Anyone who does not have one of the accepted forms of photo ID can apply for free ID online.” 

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