Council honours individuals with Aldermen and Alderwomen Titles

Long serving and widely respected former councillors become honorary aldermen and alderwomen.

Published: Thursday, 7th March 2024

Council Members conferred the title of honorary aldermen and alderwomen on five long serving and widely respected former councillors.

At a special ceremonial meeting of Hounslow Council held on Tuesday 5th March 2024, Council Members conferred the title of honorary aldermen and alderwomen on five long serving and widely respected former councillors. They were recognised for their eminent services to the Council and the community for twelve or more years as elected members of the Council.  

The ceremony, presided over by the Mayor of Hounslow, Cllr Afzal Kiani, saw this distinguished title bestowed upon:  

  • Melvin Collins, for his work as a dedicated champion for disability rights  
  • Steve Curran, for his work as the former Leader of the Council for eight years.   
  • Paul Lynch, who was a former Mayor and Cabinet Member  
  • Barbara Reid, who was the former Leader of the Opposition and Cabinet Member  
  • Corrina Smart, who was a former Mayor and Cabinet Member   

Cllr. Shantanu Rajawat, Leader of Hounslow Council, said:

This week, we honoured five individuals whose service to the borough of Hounslow has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their passion, dedication, and commitment have left an indelible mark on our community. Awarding them the title of honorary aldermen and alderwomen is a testament to their outstanding contributions and our way of expressing the Borough’s gratitude for their years of service.    

In addition, the creation of our first honorary aldermen and women since the 1970’s is a fitting way of marking the sixtieth anniversary of this council’s first election.

The Council will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the first creation of the London Borough of Hounslow as a Council in May 2024.  It was first elected on 7th May 1964 and sat as a shadow Authority until it took on its formal powers a year later.  In those early days of the Borough, the Council still appointed aldermen, a practice which continued until the 1970s.  

The honorary aldermen and alderwomen titles are awarded to former members of the council who have served with distinction and demonstrated exceptional service to the community for 12 or more years. This honour, one of the highest the council can bestow, recognises their contributions beyond the call of duty and their role in shaping the future of Hounslow.  

The council extends its heartfelt congratulations to the newly installed honorary aldermen and alderwomen, celebrating their achievements and thanking them for their unwavering dedication to the London Borough of Hounslow. Their legacy of service continues to inspire current and future generations to contribute positively to the community.  

Watch a recording of the meeting where the honours were conferred on our YouTube channel.

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