Help Hounslow prevent waste fires this summer

Hounslow Council is urging residents to take precautions to help prevent waste fires, especially during high-risk periods of the year.

Published: Friday, 18th August 2023

fire safety message

Hounslow Council is urging residents to be vigilant in preventing waste fires during the summer months and beyond.

Although waste fires (defined as fires in waste containers, collection vehicles, and processing centres) are a risk all year round, they are particularly common during the summertime as fire spreads more quickly through dry material.

It’s vitally important to follow recycling and waste guidance for all electricals and flammable items; this is to protect you, your family, and all of our waste and recycling operatives throughout the disposal journey.

Seasonal waste such as disposable barbeques present a greatly increased risk of fire. Over 300 major waste facility fires occur in the UK every year due to flammable items wrongly placed in bins.

Small electrical items like vapes - even those with seemingly dead batteries - pose a serious threat of causing fires too. All electricals can be taken to your local recycling centre for processing, and must not be discarded in household rubbish.

Alternatively, small electrical items may be placed in a clearly marked bag – that’s separate from any other waste – and left out for collection on your usual collection day. For more information on how to recycle electrical appliances, please click here.

Other problem items include:

• Compressed gas – (ie camping gas, BBQ gas and nitrous oxide)

• BBQ and firepit ashes

• Cigarette lighters and matches

• Flammable liquids (ie petrol, lighter fluid, alcohol)

These should all be carefully disposed of.

West London Waste Authority’s website provides more information on how to recycle electricals and flammable items safely.

We encourage all residents to come together and do their bit to help prevent dangerous waste fires by ensuring items are disposed of correctly.


  • Traid have partnered with the West London Waste Authority to offer free textiles, clothes and shoes, and small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment collections – click here to find out more.
  • Find your nearest donation or recycling point here
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