Making A Fairer, More Equal Hounslow

Hounslow Council has committed to transform the opportunities and life-chances of communities in the borough’s 30 most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Published: Wednesday, 21st June 2023

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A Fairer, More Equal Hounslow - its new strategy to improve equality, diversity and inclusion - sets out an ambitious approach to target policies and funding to the areas which need them most to thrive.  

Alongside the focus on 30 Equality Opportunity Areas, the strategy identifies a range of other measures to reduce inequalities across the borough, regardless of where people live. Many of these are targeted to support people who are currently disadvantaged because of their disability, age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or faith. 

The strategy and its action plan was co-designed through extensive engagement last year with residents, businesses, community groups and public sector partners, with more than 1500 people sharing their views. 

Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, Leader of Hounslow Council said:

“Diversity is Hounslow’s strength, and this ambitious plan sets out how we hope to systematically, and in partnership, build a truly inclusive borough, where genuine social mobility and access to opportunity is shared by us all.

“This is at the heart our steadfast commitment to creating a fairer, more equal Hounslow where everyone is supported to thrive.” 

Councillor Shivraj Grewal, Cabinet Member for Communities, Equalities and Culture added:  

“This comprehensive strategy forms the basis for residents, communities, partners and the Council to work together to improve things ranging from transport links, housing, access to support and services or adult education and training.

“We are intent on making a difference to long standing inequality in our Borough, and whilst this is clearly not something that will happen overnight, our strategy and action plan lays the right foundations to make progress towards building a fairer, more equal Hounslow.”

The strategy is based on three pillars - Equality by Place, Equality by Group, and Equality as Employer. Each pillar forms the foundations of achieving equality, built on the latest data and what people have told the Council they need. 

Pillar one will use evidence across multiple measures of inequality and will feature joint working between the Council, its partners, communities and businesses, while place-specific insight reports will result in a variety of actions. These may include improvements to public transport, housing, digital connectivity, education and training, the environment, support into work and safety. 

The second pillar includes measures aimed to reduce inequality around disability, age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and faith, as well as how we can better support local businesses.


Based on feedback from groups within Hounslow, and focused on improving accessibility, representation, and support, this includes: 

  • Ongoing partnership between RNIB and MAB, including employment of two dedicated Eye Care Liaison Officers  
  • Better partnership working between the Council and health partners to improve communications and engagement with LGBT+ residents

  • Imminent funding for the borough’s deaf community through Royal Association for the Deaf, focusing on skills development and employment opportunities 

  • Setting up a Young People’s Network to increase engagement in local decision making 

  • More wellbeing classes to keep older people active and stimulate minds

  • Support community groups to co-design and host equality events, in partnership with Hounslow’s Cultural Providers Network 

  • Flexible Adult and Community Education courses to support women and carers to upskill and re-skill 


Aubrey Crawley, co-founder of West London Queer Project commented:

“We’re proud to be an organisation founded in Hounslow.  Through the support of the Council, we were able to promote West London Queer Project and grow to over 5,000 members in our first year.  Our Family events and Touch Rugby sessions were supported through Thriving Communities funding, and we’re really encouraged by the specific LGBT+ Action Plan detailed in the new EDI strategy.  We look forward to promoting further understanding of our community across Hounslow and West London as a whole.”


Valerie Hill, CEO, Middlesex Association for the Blind added:

“MAB is delighted by the positive impact the partnership with the RNIB and Hounslow Council is already making on Hounslow residents. The ECLOs are raising awareness of the support available to people with sight loss, and we are working closely with them and the council's sensory team to ensure VI residents understand the sight loss journey and are able to access the support which is right for them.”

Hounslow Council will also be embedding the equality agenda within the culture of the organisation, to ensure its staff better reflect the communities they serve and have equal voice and opportunity themselves to thrive. 

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