Cabinet approves major programmes to transform Council services

Hounslow Council’s Cabinet yesterday approved three key programmes that will help improve how residents experience the services, support and advice delivered by Council teams and partners across the borough.

Published: Wednesday, 22nd February 2023

Cllr Rajawat

Hounslow’s Corporate Plan, agreed in September 2022, sets out the Council’s priorities over the next four years. The Corporate Plan acknowledges that to achieve our goals, we need to do things differently. Over the next two years Hounslow Council will be reviewing and improving what it does, how it delivers and where services can be accessed to ensure residents and communities get the right help and support when they need it, before they reach crisis.  

The Independent Living Programme, Transforming Community Experience Programme and greater locality based delivery through the Networked Community Hubs Programme will ensure residents and communities accessing support and services have a consistently high quality experience that lead to better outcomes.

Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, Leader of Hounslow Council said: 

“We want services to be quick, intuitive, and easy to use when residents want convenience, whilst also ensuring face to face support wherever that is needed. 

“Council teams and our partners want to better connect and interact with residents and communities where they live and work. 

“Making better use of our Council buildings and building on our successful Community Solutions model, we will bring together Council teams, VCSE and Health partners, and many others to offer a holistic range of connected, face to face services based in a single locality and responding to particular needs of that locality. 

“In doing so we will pass on the power to local residents to find the support they need for themselves in places that are convenient and that are familiar. 

“We want residents feel more confident and empowered to access support early – rather than when things escalate into crisis. These programmes are at the very heart of a wider Delivery Plan that will realise our ambitions to create a safer, greener, healthier, thriving borough.”

Cabinet also agreed the Third Party Spend Programme which will help improve procurement and contract management processes to deliver savings to the Council’s budget in the next two years and beyond.

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