Mogden sewage works

We know that many local residents have been affected by the odour produced by the Mogden sewage treatment works and after numerous complaints and a legal challenge with Thames Water in 2008, planning permission was granted to extend the site and improve the conditions to reduce odour while keeping residents informed.

Report a complaint or issue

If you're a resident experiencing problems with the smell, contact us on 020 8583 2000. If you call the out of hours’ service you will receive a response within one hour. If the odour is ongoing we will visit the site to make an assessment. Updates are also available by calling the Mogden Information line on 020 8583 5745.

For general enquires: you can also email You should receive a reply or further advice within 10 working days.

View the most recent site inspections for 2018

View 2017 inspections

Previous months reports are available on The Thames Water website - reports and publications

Contact us

Email: or

Emails sent to will also be forwarded on to Thames Water, DEFRA and Ofwat.

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