PCN Contravention Codes and what they mean


With the introduction of the Traffic Management Act in 2008, PCN charging levels for parking contraventions were split into higher and lower levels depending on the seriousness of the contravention. So for instance, PCNs issued for overstaying in a pay and display bay or being parked with wheels outside the bay markings are issued at the lower level of £80.00 / £40.00, whereas PCNs for parking in a resident permit bay without displaying a permit are issued at the higher rate of £130.00 / £65.00.    

This document contains a list of all the contravention codes used within the borough, including suffixes, which help explain why the PCN was issued, and the charging rates.

Please bear in mind that suffixes are not required by law to be on a PCN, so if one is omitted, or the wrong one used, this does not mean that the PCN will automatically be cancelled.

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