Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) FAQs

Can you give examples of situations where you would consider cancelling a PCN?

The following are five examples of situations in which it is likely we would cancel a PCN:

  • You are a disabled badge holder and you make the mistake of forgetting to display your badge or clock correctly, and you have not had a PCN cancelled within the last 12 months for the same reason. The badge would need to be valid for where you parked and you would need to provide us with a copy of both sides of it.
  • You parked where pay and display parking was permitted and made a minor error when using the phone payment system. It could be that your vehicle registration was off by a digit (for instance a ‘P’ was registered as a ’B’) or two digits are the wrong way round (so ‘BP’ instead of ‘PB’). However, we would only cancel this on the first occasion as it is your responsibility to ensure that your account details are correct and corrected promptly.
  • Your vehicle was broken down for reasons beyond your control, and you were unable to move it. A copy of the breakdown recovery sheet or invoice from a garage or similar should be provided in evidence. Any such documents will be judged on their own merits as this is not an automatic cancellation. Please note that problems such as running out of petrol or using a vehicle which is always breaking down do not count, as these are reasonably foreseeable circumstances and therefore avoidable.
  • You bought something heavy or bulky like a TV or some chairs and were parked where loading/unloading is allowed, but you received a PCN. Although we expect vehicles to be observed for a minimum of three minutes to help identify these situations, there may be occasions where it takes you longer than that to return to your vehicle. If this happens please provide a copy of your receipt or similar which shows the type of goods being bought and the date/time of the purchase, and subject to being satisfied with the evidence you provide we will cancel the PCN for you.
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