Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) FAQs

I was visiting a resident who lives within a School Streets scheme, and have received a PCN as a result, what do I do?

Residents who live within a School Streets scheme (located around schools and signed ‘no motor vehicles’ during school pick up or drop off times) are entitled to visitors during the operational hours of the scheme. They should register their visitors in advance of the visit using the online form here Register for a School Street exemption. We do however accept that on occasion they may receive surprise guests, and if this happens the resident has until the end of the day of the visit to register the vehicle. Once registered they should then forward the confirmation email to who will check to see if a PCN is going to be issued.

Outside of this process, if you do receive a code 52 or 53 PCN whilst visiting a resident of one of these schemes, please provide us with a signed statement from the resident explaining that you were visiting them, along with recent proof of address (eg utility/council tax bill) and subject to accepting the proofs we will cancel the PCN.   

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