Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) FAQs

I’ve received a PCN, what do I do now?

Please read the following FAQs for advice based on the type of notice you have received PCN process explained. Your options are to either pay or appeal it, and you should always take time out to read a notice carefully before deciding which option is appropriate for you. 

If your name is on a notice do not pass it on to someone else, because you will remain liable should it not be cancelled, and you may have to pay increased charges if that person does not deal with it as expected.   

If you decide to make representations either via the portal, email or in writing, the PCN will be put into a queue and responded to in date order. By law we have 56 days to respond to formal representations made in response to a Notice to Owner (parking contraventions). There is no equivalent limit for moving traffic or bus lane representations, however we consider three months to be reasonable (in most cases we will respond much sooner than this).

Once we come to consider your representations, we will look to see if there is enough evidence to support the contravention, then consider what you have to say and any supporting evidence. If we are satisfied that an exemption applied, or that there were sufficient extenuating circumstances, we will cancel the PCN and inform you in writing. Supporting evidence can make a big difference to whether we accept or reject your representations, so we recommend you provide whatever supporting evidence you believe will support your case. 

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