Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) appeal process explained

Overview of the PCN process

It is always the responsibility of the driver to take into consideration any restrictions which may be in place on parking. If you park in a way that contravenes a parking restriction, you should expect to get a parking ticket/Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). This is also true of moving traffic and bus lane contraventions enforced by the council. 

If you have received a PCN you can view the council’s evidence for it online here view PCN info

Please note that by law it is the owner of a vehicle, defined in legislation as the keeper (usually the DVLA registered keeper) who is responsible for paying a PCN, not the driver. More information on this and other questions you may have is available on our Penalty Charge Notice FAQs page.   

The Act of Parliament under which the PCN was issued will always be stated under the Hounslow logo, at the top of the notice. 

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