Transfer of the Exclusive Right of Burial

What To Consider When Buying A Burial Plot

Choosing the type of grave

Lawn Grave - A lawn grave is a grave space where most of the surface area consists of mown grass. These graves are offered for those who want to place a memorial headstone only on a grave space.  The remaining surface of the grave is maintained level and free from any obstructions or markings. 

Traditional Grave - These graves are offered for those who want greater choice over the design of the memorial, or do not want people to walk over the grave. The entire grave can be surrounded by kerbs, edging or mounded full length, with a memorial stone placed at the head of the grave.

Depth of grave

It is important to consider if you or your loved one is going to be buried alone or even in the same plot as another family member. It is no longer available to reserve a plot within any Hounslow Cemeteries.

A single burial plot is intended for one burial. The double, triple or fourth depth plots can accommodate multiple caskets stacked on top of one another. Regardless of your decision, this decision is important to make at the time of burial booking, so it is necessary to give it some thought when planning for a burial service.

Considering how much it costs to buy a burial plot

When making plans for a burial, you will want to know the cost of a burial plot at your preferred cemetery. The cost of a burial plot differs depending on the selected burial authority and their set fees and charges. The fees and charges can be set or depend on the residency of the purchaser and the deceased.

How long can I buy a grave for?

When grave is purchased, this does not mean you are purchasing the land itself. Rather, under what is known as the exclusive right of burial and memorial giving you the right to say who will be burial in that grave for a set period. This is more like purchasing a lease. The exclusive rights are offered for the period of 60 years in the London Borough of Hounslow.

Do you know the Memorial Rules and Regulations at your Cemetery?

It is important to make yourself familiar with the Cemeteries Rules and Regulations at the time of purchasing a burial plot. Under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 all burial authorities are empowered to do ‘’ all such things as they consider necessary or desirable for the proper management, regulation and control of each cemetery’’.

Each local authority sets their regulations for allowed headstones on their cemetery grounds. That includes the approved dimensions for the memorial measurements, materials and correct professional fixing.

Memorial Regulations also refer to the list non-compliant items, which are not permitted within cemeteries and can be removed.

It is also important to make yourself aware of the fact the burial authority reserves the right of passage over all graves and to have any grave temporarily covered or any monument temporarily removed for the purpose of the maintenance of the Cemetery or to facilitate the opening of any nearby grave. The cemetery staff will display signage on the affected graves to inform each grave owner of such works. Once the necessary works are completed, the affected headstone or area will be cleared and put into the original condition.

Who should be the owner of the burial plot?


This is a very important decision as only a legally registered grave owner has the right to apply for a permit for a memorial to be placed on a grave, or to request that a grave is used for a burial (the exception to this is when the owner of the grave is to be buried – then the person arranging the burial can make the application to allow the deceased grave owner to be buried).

Before buying a grave, please consider if you would like to share the ownership of the grave with one or more other people (we recommend no more than 4 owners).  For more information of considering who should be the owner of a burial plot, please follow the link below to Before Purchasing a Grave – Guidance of Ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial.


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