A memorial may only be erected on a burial plot within the Hounslow Cemeteries in accordance with the current Regulations in force at the time of the memorial application.

The type of memorial permitted is determined by the section that has been selected by the Owner(s) of the Exclusive Right of Burial.

All memorial masons applying for work in the Hounslow borough must be registered with either the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM), the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM).

Memorial application

A memorial application to erect or amend a new/existing memorial must be made prior to installation and submitted with the appropriate fee. The NAMM/BRAMM registered stonemason will help you to complete the appropriate memorial form and submit it on your behalf to us.

Memorial Headstones can only be placed upon a grave for which the Exclusive Right of Burial has been granted. Each Exclusive Right of Burial is provided with and Exclusive Right to a Memorial for the period of 60 years.

Submit a memorial application

Authorisation to Erect and Maintain a Memorial

The Owner(s) of the Exclusive Right of Burial may only apply to erect a new memorial or approve any memorial works. If the owner is deceased, the Exclusive Right of Burial will need to be Transferred prior to memorial application approval.

Where an application is in memory of the deceased grave owner, and he/she is buried in the grave – the applicant for the burial can sign the memorial form. Only full name and dates of birth and death can be approved and added on the existing memorial.

If there is no existing headstone on the grave – the grave ownership will have to be transferred before a new headstone can be erected.

Removal of a Memorial for Access

The Hounslow Council retains the Right to remove memorial, prior to an impending interment, to gain access to adjacent burial plots. The cemeteries service will make contact with the Holder(s) of the Exclusive Right of Burial and a signage will be also placed on the grave. The grave owner will not incur any memorial removal and replacement costs.

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