Advocacy services

Hounslow Advocacy Service Hub

An advocate is an independent person who can speak for you, represent your point of view or assist you with a specific task.

If you need assistance from Adult Social Care, but struggle to explain what you need or have significant difficulty with the assessment process, an advocate may be able to help. This is often called statutory advocacy, Care Act advocacy or generic advocacy.

Assistance is also available if you need help with your rights under the Mental Health Act, if you have been assessed as 'lacking capacity' under the Mental Capacity Act but have no one to represent you or if you need support to make a complaint about the NHS.

Further information on the different types of advocacy may be found here

Requesting an advocate

In Hounslow, advocacy offered by the Council is provided by POhWER and is free of charge.

For more information on POhWER advocacy services including how to access them, visit the Hounslow section of their website here.

Information is also available in EasyRead and British Sign Language (BSL).

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