Out of hours emergencies

Before you contact our out of hours - are you sure:

  • your problem cannot be dealt with during normal office hours
  • that you cannot make arrangements in the meantime.

When phoning us, please remember that your call may prevent another call getting through. So please ensure:

  • you have all the information to hand
  • you are prepared to provide a contact number so that we can get back to you.

For a emergency only, please call: 0208 583 2222.

During these times:

  • Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 9am  
  • Friday: 4.45pm through to Mon 9am

Please note: our emergency planning team are in charge of the council's response to major incidents, such as flooding, explosions, or large scale evacuations.

The following types of call are taken and passed onto a duty officer:

If your call is not considered an emergency,  you may be asked to contact us again during office hours.

Housing emergencies 

What constitutes an emergency out of hours repair for council tenants:

  • Major leak and burst pipes not containable
  • Dirty water back surging through, sink, bath or wash hand Basin
  • Blocked drain, stack pipes or WC's
  • Lost keys – rechargeable
  • Replacing door locks – If key stolen a crime reference number will be required
  • Window boarding up
  • Front entrance door that will not close
  • Total loss of electrical power
  • Defective hard wired smoke alarm continually ringing
  • Unsafe power or lighting sockets, electrical fittings    
  • Communal light failure in staircase
  • No bathroom light and no window in the bathroom

No heating or hot water: Please report to T Brown by calling them - 0800 634 9434

Residents in temporary accommodation should call British Gas on 0871 703 8939

Gas Escapes, Report smell of fumes: Report to Transco by calling - 0800 111 999.

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