Local offer to looked after children

What is the Local Offer to Looked After Children?

The Local Offer is where you'll find information about statutory support for looked after children aged 0-18, who are in the care of Hounslow.  It is a clear and comprehensive guide to what statutory services and support are available.

What is in the Offer?

Hounslow Council has a legal duty to support and protect children and young people in its care.  It is the responsibility of the council to make sure that professionals and children know what services are available to them, and what they can expect to receive, when placed in the care of Hounslow. 

This Local Offer aims to clearly set out in one document, what looked after children are entitled to, and what we expect from children in the care of Hounslow.

We consulted with a group of looked after children who gave their views and opinions on the layout and content of this Offer.  

You will find information on the following in this offer:

  • your money and documents
  • where you live 
  • your safety 
  • getting your voice heard 
  • your health 
  • your education 


Through Care Team (0-18 years): 020 8583 3173
Late Entry Team (14-18 years): 020 8583 3578
24-hour emergency number: 0208 583 2222

Download the Local Offer to Looked After Children


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