Babies And Children Love Books!

Bookstart offers the gift of free book packs to all children at two key ages before they start school, to inspire a love of reading that will give these children a flying start in life.

Filled with free books, goodies and advice for parents and carers about book sharing, reading and fun, these packs are available for parents/carers living in the borough at any Hounslow Library.

  • BookStart Baby Pack (0-12 months old)
  • BookStart Treasure Gift (36 to 48 months old)

The Bookstart Bag for babies (0-12 months) is available through your health visitor or can be collected from the local library.

The Treasure Bag for pre-schoolers (3 - 4 years old) is available through nursery schools, private nurseries or playgroups.  A pack can be collected from the local library, if your child does not attend any Early Years setting.

Booktouch Packs for under 5s who are visually impaired and Bookshine Packs for under 5s who have a hearing impairment are available on request from the Bookstart Coordinator.

Babies can join the library from the day they’re born. It’s free for everyone to join. Babies and children receive a warm welcome in the library – don’t worry if they make a noise! Every library has bright board books and picture books for sharing.

Storytimes for babies, toddlers and their carers are run in most libraries. Stories, songs, rhymes, joining in and sharing is fun!

Parenting advice and situation books are available to borrow in the children’s library.

Call into your local library or go to and find out more about Bookstart and get your child started with books.



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