Free Internet Access

The People's Network

As part of the Government's People's Network (PN) Programme, Hounslow Libraries members have free access to internet capable computers. All library members are entitled to up to 120 minutes per day.

Facilities include:

  • Access to the Internet and to web-based email
  • Use of Microsoft Office
  • Printing
  • Free scanning
  • Saving to memory stick (floppy disk and CD drives are not available)

You can access PN computers using your library card number, for example D0000000123456, and PIN.

Under 18’s can use the PN if your parent or guardian has filled in a form giving permission.

PN access ends 15 minutes before the library closes.


Booking is not essential, although you may wish to do so if you know you will be visiting the library at a busy time. To book, you will need your library card.

Sessions remain reserved for 10 minutes only. If you do not log in within this time, the reservation will lapse and the computer will become available to other customers. We ask you to let us know if you will be unable to attend a booked session.

Some libraries have "drop-in" computers, which cannot be booked. Sessions on these computers are for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Some libraries have computers which are designated as 'Priority for Children'. These computers will not be available for adult use.

Internet Access

We operate a filtering system, blocking access to offensive sites, although this cannot guarantee the complete exclusion of undesirable material.


Where possible library staff will attempt to help you use the computers. This is at the discretion of library staff and depends upon the resources and staff available.

Usage policy

Please see our Public ICT Use Policy for full terms and conditions covering the Internet and Public PC usage.

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