Small electrical appliance recycling collections

We collect small electrical appliances in clearly marked plastic bags.

These should be placed alongside your recycling boxes, which we collect every week. You can use our online tool to look up your collection day.

You can put out:

  • irons
  • sewing machines
  • telephones
  • blenders
  • cameras
  • cassette players
  • CD players
  • DVD players
  • electronic air freshener (remove perfume)
  • fans
  • hairdryers and straighteners
  • electric toothbrushes
  • kettles
  • radios
  • smoke alarms
  • toasters
  • other small electrical appliance

The general guideline is, if the item fits in a standard supermarket carrier bag, then we can collect it.

Cables must be contained inside the bag as well as all batteries removed. If an item is not presented this way, we will not collect it.

You can't put out:

  • anything that won't fit inside a carrier bag (including the cable)
  • vapes (see specific information about recycling vapes)
  • bulbs (fluorescent lamps)
  • batteries – these can be recycled at retailers who sell batteries
  • TVs
  • car batteries
  • large vacuum cleaners

Why you should recycle electrical appliances

Around 75% of all materials in electrical items can be recycled. They get turned into useful things like life-saving equipment, children's playgrounds and even new electricals.

Empty your cupboards and drawers of unwanted electical items and recycle them!

Recycling vapes

In the UK we buy half a billion vapes a year and throw away 3 million every week. This includes rechargables, single-use and rechargable vapes with a single-use chamber.

Vapes can be easily recycled.

Visit Recycle Your Electricals to find a place to recycle vapes near you.

Alternative ways to recycle electrical appliances:

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