Clothing, textiles and shoe recycling

Textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world, and there are approximately 18,000 tonnes of textiles disposed of as rubbish across West London each year or 300,000 tonnes nationally.

Textile waste results in over 5% of the UK's annual carbon and water footprint - of these disposed of textiles, only 16% are reused.

Our goal is to empower residents to treat unwanted textiles as a valuable resource. 

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We can collect old clothing, shoes and textiles weekly on your scheduled collection day 

Please place these items in a clearly marked plastic bag, alongside your recycling boxes. 

What we can recycle

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  • Bags
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Curtains
  • Duvet covers
  • Pillow cases
  • Socks
  • Shoes/trainers (pairs only)
  • Sheets

What we can't recycle

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  • Duvets
  • Pillows

What happens to the collected textiles?

Once collected, textiles are sent to a re-processing site where they are sorted into different grades. These include:

  • Clothes for sale in charity shops
  • Clothes for export
  • Rags
  • Felt

TRAID - Home Collections 

TRAID is a charity, working to stop clothes from being thrown away. They turn clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impact of our clothes. TRAID does this by providing the UK public with a network of over 1,500 charity clothes banks, home collections and charity shops diverting around 3,000 tonnes of clothes from landfill and incineration every year.

We, alongside West London Waste have partnered with TRAID to allow Hounslow residents to book convenient home collections of unwanted textiles.

You can donate any of your old unwanted clothes, shoes, bed linen and curtains (in a clean condition). More information on what they will and won't accept can be found here.

What does TRAID do with the textiles?

TRAID brings the collected clothing and shoes to their warehouse where it is hand sorted. Sorted clothing is then sold back to the public in one of TRAID's 12 charity shops. They try their best to sell as much of the textiles within the UK but when that is not possible it is sent abroad to be re-used. Anything not in a condition to be reused is turned into scraps for various industrial purposes such as rags or car seat stuffing.

To book your free collection of textiles with TRAID, please call 0208 733 2595 or visit

Salvation Army Textile Banks

Hounslow Council has partnered with The Salvation Army to deliver 16 textile recycling banks across the Borough, giving residents more opportunities to recycling their textiles.

You can find your nearest textile bank here

More information on Salvation Army banks 

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