Household recycling and waste collections

Household waste and recycling collections take place between 7am and 5pm on your collection day. You can help make collections easier and faster for our crews by following these simple steps:

  • Make sure to put your recycling in the correct recycling bin. If you are unsure, see our website page for more info.
  • We will not collect any excess waste left next to or on top of your refuse bin or if your bin lid is not closed.
  • Your waste and recycling should be presented at the front edge of your property by 7am where it is clearly visible. Please do not leave it on the pavement where it could cause an obstruction.

For more information about recycling and waste collections in Hounslow.

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The more you recycle, the less goes into your black wheelie bin.

Weekly Recycling

Items Container What can I recycle?

Plastic and metal cans

metal, cans and plastic bottle recycling


Red box

red recycling box



More details

Card and paper

card and paper recycling


Blue box

blue recycling box



More details

Glass bottles and jars

glass bottles and jars recycling


Green box

Glass bottle and jar green recycling box



More details

Textiles and clothing

Textiles, clothing and shoes recycling


Tied carrier bag

tied carrier bag



More details

Small electrical items

items for electrical recycling


Tied carrier bag

Tied carrier bag



More details

Weekly food waste

Items Container What can I recycle?


Food recycling

Food bin

Food recycling caddy


More details

Fortnightly chargeable garden waste

Items Container What can I recycle?

Garden waste

Garden waste recycling

Brown wheeled bin

Brown garden waste recycling bin



More details

Fortnightly rubbish collection

Residual / Not recyclable Black wheeled bin What goes in your
black wheelie bin?





Black wheeled bin



More details


On your collection day

  • Place your container(s) out for collection by 7am. Please note, collections can commence from 5am during warm weather spells (33°C and above) and 6am for (28°C and above) to help prevent crews being exposed to higher midday temperatures while undertaking manual tasks. 
  • Place it on the front boundary of your property, in a place clearly visible and accessible from (but not on) the pavement
  • Only put out the correct materials in each container. If you place the wrong items in the wrong box, we will not collect your recycling


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The Council recycles over 35.9% percent of its waste but we have a target of hitting 50% recycling by 2030. Fortnightly black wheeled bin collections help encourage more recycling, making over £1.3 million savings to protect other vital services in the borough.

How to Recycle in Hounslow

Hounslow Council launched its No Time to Waste sustainability campaign in March 2023 to support Hounslow residents to recycle more, waste less, and increase the amount of stuff we reuse.

With the ongoing cost-of-living challenges, improving our relationship with reusing and recycling our possessions, and reducing the amount we throw into the rubbish is as important as ever. 

Recycling can be confusing, but we’re here to help. Watch our video to find out how to recycle effectively, and quickly too.

Residents can also visit the No Time to Waste advice pages for information on reducing the cost of weekly food bills, answers to commonly asked recycling questions, and information on why recycling more and wasting less is important.

Recycling around the home

You can report service quality issues or if you have any specific questions about your recycling and rubbish collections you can contact us via 

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