Corporate Plan

Ambitious for Hounslow is the London Borough of Hounslow’s key corporate strategy. It sets out the Council’s vision for the borough and, taken together with our Delivery Plan and Financial Strategy, explaining how we will deliver and fund that ambition.

The Corporate Plan describes the place we are proud to serve and the challenges the borough faces. It sets out the aspirations we have for Hounslow.

Based on our desire to see a borough that is greener, healthier, cleaner, thriving, safer, and liveable, the Corporate Plan details what this would mean for the people and businesses of the borough. It explains what we’ll be tracking to see if Hounslow is heading in the right direction and what we will do ourselves to deliver for the borough. It describes the Council as an organisation – what we do, how we do it, the way in which we collaborate across the borough and the values that shape how we act.

Throughout, the Corporate Plan describes an organisation that is committed to Hounslow and collaborating with others to help secure a borough that works for all.

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