All public sector organisations, including us are affected in some way or another by fraudulent or corrupt activities committed either within the organisations or committed externally. We seek to prevent, detect and deter fraud. In cases where fraud is found, we seek to take appropriate action against the fraudster, whether civil criminal or disciplinary.

Most private and public sector organisations are now reporting increased levels of fraud and corruption, this is one of the reasons why Hounslow has an Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy and a Sanction Policy.

Hounslow's anti fraud and corruption strategy sets out our stance on fraud and was agreed in April 2011. The sanction policy was agreed at the same time and outlines how instances of both internal and external fraud against the council are dealt with when there is evidence that a criminal offence or breach of council policies or procedures may have occurred.

The Cabinet Office runs a UK programme called the National Fraud Initiative (NFI).  This involves matching data to prevent and detect fraud. The council is required provide particular sets of data to the Cabinet Office for matching for each exercise, and these are set out in the Cabinet Office's guidance.

View and download further information about what is shared and how we deal with issues of fraud in the fair processing notice

Every pound lost on fraud is a pound diverted away from the service for which it was intended which means combating fraud benefits the whole community.

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