About the council

Our vision for future local government in Hounslow is as a community leader, not simply a provider of services.

We will build on our experience and strengths to continue to bring our residents closer to the local democratic process through our area committees and consultation, so we can understand their priorities and meet their diverse needs. We are committed to modernisation and enthusiastic to seize the challenges and opportunities it brings.

We will continue to be an enabling council, working in partnership with the local community, voluntary and statutory agencies and the private sector to maximise social and economic development in the borough.

Hounslow was one of the first wave of councils to take up the challenge to modernise local government in early 1999. A pilot model - of leader and executive, scrutiny panels and local area committees - was developed in consultation with local people. Their views on issues such as local decision making and the role of the executive were taken into account. The successful eighteen-month pilot was then used as the basis of the current arrangements where we now have the following democratic arrangements in accordance with the Local Authorities Act 2000:

  • A leader of the council

  • A cabinet of ten members including the leader

  • An overview and scrutiny committee setting up scrutiny panels to look at the work of the executive

  • Area committees

  • Some formal decision making and advisory committees often created as a result of statutory requirements

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