Freedom of Information & Environmental Information Regulations

General guidance

Please give a clear and detailed description of the information you need. Please number each separate item within your request to help us process it faster and be as specific as possible about the information you require (e.g. give precise dates and avoid other ambiguities), to avoid us needing to contact you again for clarification.

Our default method of response is by email. If the information is already available on the website, we will send you a link to it. If you require the information to be provided in a special format please explain your requirements when you make your request.

We are not required to respond to requests for the following: information that we do not already hold; information held by another public body; information that would be harmful to another person or against the public interest to disclose; information that would take too long or be too expensive to release; information that has already been requested by the same person; and we can also refuse requests that appear vexatious. For more information about the Freedom of Information Act and exemptions, and requesting information from public bodies, please see the Information Commissioner's Office guidance.

If there is a charge, we will advise you and you will be required to pay before we can forward any information to you.

If you have not received a response to your request within 20 days, please email the FOI team

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