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Our planning department uses various kinds of information including personal details and sometimes sensitive personal data. This statement sets out the types of information that we collect, how it is stored, displayed, used and retained.

We receive applications seeking consent of one form or another, requests for advice and allegations of unlawful development along with comments and suggestions for our planning policies.

Our purpose in collecting and using data is to operate as a statutory body carrying out a public task. The most common things we use data for are:

  • Publicise applications in various ways to seek comments and information
  • Notifying other organisations of proposals to seek their views
  • Investigating allegations
  • Writing reports and making decisions

Planning Applications

Planning Applications are held as a public register as required by the Development Management Procedure Order 2015. The register must be kept indefinitely and is stored in our system document management system. This register is also published on our website, although we redact the following details:

  • Personal contact details for the applicant - i.e. telephone numbers, email addresses
  • Signatures
  • Personal Sensitive Information
  • Information agreed to be confidential

If you are submitting supporting information which you would like to be treated confidentially or wish to be specifically withheld from the public register, please let us know at as soon as you can - ideally in advance of submitting the application. The best way to contact us about this issue is by email at


Comments (‘representations’) can be important material considerations in the way we make decisions on planning applications, and go through the plan-making process. All representations are held on our document management system along with contact information, if it has been provided.

We do not publish representations. We will usually provide a summary of representations in a short report that forms part of our summary of decision. However, we may use particular representations in full when they provide a powerful material consideration for a decision.

In most cases we do not provide copies of representations. However, should an application be refused and subsequently appealed the Council in some circumstances will be required to share representations, including names and addresses with a Planning Inspector and the applicant.

For more information please contact us by emailing:


We receive allegations of unlawful development that we investigate and decide whether or not to act. Allegations are a useful way for us to learn about breaches of development control and we treat them in confidence. We do not make any personal data in allegations public. We are required to make public any enforcement notices we serve, although we redact the name and address of the person to whom we serve the notice.

Pre-application Advice

Applications for pre-application advice are stored in our planning and document management system and treated as confident. We do not make the details of the application and advice given public on the planning application register unless there are specific reasons to treat it as such.

Quality control

We may follow up on a proportion of cases to ask “how did we do?”. This is done via an email survey sent out to the address we hold. We do this so we can understand the needs of our users and deliver improved services. You do not have to respond or contribute, it will not affect how we treat you in the future.

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