Census 2011

Hounslow's 2011 census headlines

2011 population is 254,000*
The population of Hounslow has increased by 19.8% from 212,000, since the last census in 2001. This is a 17.6% increase on the 2001 population mid year estimate of 216,000.

2011 household figure is 94,900*
The number of households in Hounslow has increased by 13% since the 2001 figure of 84,000.

2017 ONS mid-year estimate for Hounslow is 269,100

Each year estimates of the resident population in the borough are produced based on Census data. This is done by calculating the number of births and deaths in the borough and estimating the impact of internal and international migration.

* rounded figures

2011 census data

The 2011 census data has been grouped into themed areas for ease of reference.

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All data provided has been sourced from the ONS, Census 2011 results.

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